Missouri MO Motor Vehicle Inspections for All Vehicles Car Truck Inspection Perry Legend Collision Repair Center in Columbia Missouri Business Automobile Repair ShopIf you’re curious about how you get your car, truck, van, SUV, RV, or larger company vehicles inspected and registered to drive legally, you came to the right place. Perry Legend Collision Repair Center in Columbia employs ASE-certified technicians that are certified by the State of Missouri and able to perform MVI’s otherwise known as Motor Vehicle Inspections. Are you in need of a motor vehicle inspection? MVI’s are required by law to declare a vehicles road worthiness and ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive for you and for others.

Getting an MVI is easy with Perry Legend Collision Repair Center.

You can call ahead or you can pull up to the south side drive-thru at our Columbia, Missouri repair center on Lemone Industrial Boulevard, and request a motor vehicle inspection for any vehicle. Perry Legend Collision is able to provide you with a MVI no matter what make, model, or vehicle you drive. It’s important to know that not all vehicles require MVI’s. It’s wise to check with one of our customer service representatives or technicians regarding your situation. Call our team anytime or stop by to have a conversation about your vehicle.

What do you need to bring for a Car/Truck/SUV/RV Inspection?

What is Required for a Missouri Motor Vehicle Inspections Vehicles Car Truck SUV RV Inspection Perry Legend Collision Repair Center in ColumbiaIf you’re curious what to bring when you get a Motor Vehicle Inspection, then this list is for you. The first time you do anything can be nerve racking, that includes getting an MVI. You might be wondering: What does an MVI cost? How long does a motor vehicle inspection take? Or what do I bring with me to get an inspection on my vehicle? At Perry Legend, we’ve got answers to all those questions and more.

Free Inspections When You Mention This Offer!

Right now, we are offering FREE MVI’s when you mention this special offer from online. Normally, an MVI would cost $12. The speed in which an inspection can be completed depends on the workload we have. If you need an MVI today, please call us and tell us about your situation. If you need a shuttle while we perform any additional services to your car in order for it to pass a state inspection, we can provide that as a complimentary shuttle service. When you come to Perry Legend Collision Repair Center for a MVI, you should bring with you: the vehicle you need inspected.

With over 80+ years of experience in automotive repair, auto body repair, and motor vehicle inspections, the team at Perry Legend Collision Repair Center is ready to help you.

Worried about your vehicle not passing Missouri State Inspection?

Are you worried about your vehicle, knowing it may not pass the motor vehicle inspection? Don’t worry! We make that part easy, too. First, we’re a trained automotive repair center and can perform any necessary repairs to your vehicle to get it approved. Secondly, you have 20 days to get your vehicle in worthy condition. Third and finally, we handle all of the paperwork, heavy lifting, and have completely waived our MVI fees for right now to help you have no other reason than to choose Perry Legend Collision for your Motor Vehicle Inspections in Missouri. “Must mention this blog or bring in coupon.”

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