If your car, truck, SUV, or larger vehicle have foggy or cloudy headlights, Perry Legend Collision Repair Center can help. Vehicle headlight restoration is one of the many automotive and mechanical services provided by our team of trained technicians. As time goes on a film might develop on your headlights which cause a cloudy/foggy appearance and dim the headlights effectiveness. While these might seem like minor inconveniences or just cosmetic, dim headlights can reduce your ability to see while driving at night which could result in collision with debris, animals, or other objects.

Getting your vehicle headlights cleaned, replaced, refurbished, or restored is possible at Perry Legend Collision Center.

Look at these images of a recent headlight restoration and cleaning jobs that our team completed.

Before: Foggy Headlights with a Moisture Haze

After: Crystal Clear Headlights with No Clouding