Jennifer Rajewski-Davidson stands ready with clipboard to help you with an auto body or mechanical repair quote.

When you walk in to Perry Legend Collision Repair Center, you’re welcomed by friendly people to assist you with your automotive repair estimate or service needs. These same people can also work with you on any auto body repair you need due to a collision with another vehicle, crash into a pole, barrier, or other object. At Perry Legend Collision Repair Center, some of those same people are outstanding women who are leaders in automotive industry excellence. Two of the faces you’re most likely to see are Darla Kramer and Jennifer Rajewski-Davidson.

Darla has been a key employee at Perry Legend since 1986. Her primary duties include the financial planning and budgeting for the company, employee benefits and marketing collaboration. With a keen eye for detail, she is responsible for identifying and resolving invoicing issues or accounting discrepancies. Having developed an in-depth knowledge of insurance claim procedures, she can be found assisting customers understand their repair costs and financial obligations regarding insurance policy deductibles, betterment and appearance allowances. Over the last 35 years, Darla has really enjoyed helping customers learn more about Perry Legend Collision Repair Center’s focus on excellence in quality repairs.

Jennifer has her fingers in everything around Perry Legend Collision Repair Center and works with the shop employees to ensure your repair is done correctly and completely.

Behind the scenes, running the shop is Jennifer Rajewski-Davidson, who started at Perry Legend Collision Repair Center in 1993. Her life has been dedicated to customer service, insurance claim management, and having her fingers in everything around the body shop. A “straight-shooter” kind of woman, Jennifer rolls with the punches and keeps the shop crew on top of their repair assignments so your mechanical service or auto body repair is done as quickly and safely as possible. When everyone has been helped and all quotes are written, you’ll find Jennifer either on the phone with an insurance company, under a vehicle helping technicians or performing quality control inspections of completed repairs.

Come on by and meet Darla and Jennifer at Perry Legend Collision Repair Center, on the southeast side of Columbia, Missouri, famously located on Lemone Industrial Boulevard.