Perry Legend Collision Repair Center is a family-owned and operated vehicle repair facility serving Columbia and the mid-Missouri area for nearly 35 years. This also means we are members of our community as well. We believe honesty, integrity and reputation matter. Like you, we also believe budgets matter. Our team at Perry Legend Collision Repair Center makes sure we provide you with affordable repairs. Offering services such as FREE Auto Body Repair and Mechanical Service estimates, FREE Motor Vehicle Inspections and FREE Pre-Purchase Inspections are some of the ways we do this.

Perry Legend Collision Repair Center offers FREE Auto Body Repair Estimates!

Bring your car, truck, van or SUV to our facility at 3101 LeMone Industrial Boulevard and we will do a complimentary auto body damage inspection. We provide you an estimate for your dents & dings, damages from an auto accident, wind or hail damage, or mechanical services you may need.  When your damages are the result of an insurance claim, we can forward your estimate and photos to the adjuster handling your claim. The insurance claims process can seem daunting and be confusing. We have the experience and knowledge to address any questions or concerns you may have along the way.

Perry Legend Collision Repair Center offers FREE Motor Vehicle Inspections!

Ford Truck Accident Fender Hood Wheelwell Grill Headlight Repair by Perry Legend Collission in Columbia Missouri Auto Body Shop After

There are laws and regulations in Missouri requiring many vehicles to have a Motor Vehicle Inspection completed to ensure the safety of your vehicle as you drive yourself and your loved ones around. At Perry Legend Collision Repair Center, we believe it is our duty to provide you with a free Motor Vehicle Inspection (MVI) to ensure your safety. Look for our ad in The Add Sheet! Or Marketplace Magazine for our Free MVI offer, or mention you read about it in this blog.

Perry Legend Collision Repair Center offers FREE Pre-Purchase Inspections!

Brand new vehicles are expensive and they won’t get any cheaper! You can find a lot of “good” deals on previously-owned (used) vehicles. However, if you don’t look any farther than the shiny paint that was just buffed before going onto the used car lot, you may be in for a big surprise (or two) that end up costing you more money than you saved. One way we take care of our friends and customers is by providing a FREE Pre-Purchase Inspection on vehicles you are considering purchasing. The key word here is PRE! as in BEFORE you sign on the dotted line or exchange any money.  While you wait, we will inspect your potential new-to-you vehicle and tell you what we find.

These are just a few of the ways we’re taking care of you like family at Perry Legend Collision Repair Center. So, the next time you and your vehicle need someone you can trust, come see us on LeMone Industrial Boulevard!

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